For anyone itching for a more challenging workout routine, a weighted vest is the equipment for you. If you’re unfamiliar, it simply looks like a tactical vest, but with added weights for more resistance. It’s great for anyone who has mastered proper form as it can really take your fitness routine to the next level. Here’s exactly why working out with a weighted vest is the best option for you:

It’s an easier way to incorporate weights into your exercises

Although a more popular option of upgrading your workouts would be lifting barbells and other dead weights, a weighted vest is unique and is most likely the best option for those whose overall strength is greater than their grip strength. It’s a very efficient way to perform loaded moves since it’s closer to your body’s natural center of gravity. It’s something you can easily wear, and the added weight is evenly distributed across your torso. That makes it completely different from simply adding weights in a backpack, or wearing a weight belt, which can feel a little unnatural.

The added weight basically makes every move more difficult

Push yourself further by wearing a weighted vest! It’s great for increasing the intensity of a variety of bodyweight exercises, as well as in strength training. In fact, any bodyweight exercise is turned into a grueling strength-building move. You can also wear them for explosive training exercises like jumps, agility drills, and even in aerobics like hiking or running.

Regardless of your exercise of choice, the Polyfit Weighted Vest is an amazing option. You can fully concentrate on your workout instead of constantly checking on the weights since it’s made of durable and high quality fabric with a comfortable fit. Instead of the usual small individual weights, it can carry weighted plates, so you can easily add or remove a weight so you can customize it to whatever you need.

It’s an efficient option that’s great for everyone

The weighted vest is not only for power athletes and strength trainers, but is also perfect for everyone. You can wear it when doing daily activities or basic exercises like push-ups, and the extra weight you’re carrying can definitely get you faster results. If you’re out of shape, wearing one gently increases the calories you burn without having to perform any high intensity exercises.

It helps develop your strength and endurance

Training with a weighted vest definitely increases your strength. All that additional weight forces your muscles to exert more energy, which builds your muscle mass. Alongside being stronger, you also build endurance. By consistently working out with it, you’ll find yourself able to tolerate faster speeds at longer times before even tiring yourself out.

If you’ve got your fitness bases covered and are ready for the next step, working out with a weighted vest is a no-brainer. Get ready to invigorate your routine and purchase Polyfit’s Weighted Vest now!

Written by Polyfit Athlete

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