If you’re ready to start your new workout routine, check out one of the Polyfit training guides below:

The Upper Body Weighted Vest Guide 2023

Whether you're a beginner or have never worked out before, this training guide will help you kickstart your fitness journey safely and effectively with weighted vests: Basic Safety Guidelines, Key Weight Vest Illustrated Exercise, Warm-up Routines, a The 30-Day Polyfit Upper Body Weight Vest Training Program and MORE!

The Ultimate Kettlebell Training Guide - 2023

If you're new to fitness and looking for a way to start building strength, mobility, and torch body fat, kettlebell training might be just what you need.

In this Kettlebell Guide you'll find: a 30-Day Kettlebell Workout Plan, Illustrated Key Kettlebell Exercises, Warm ups, Safety Guidelines, FAQs, Tips and more.

The Ultimate Sandbag Training Guide - 2023

This comprehensive Sandbag Training guide covers various sandbag exercises and training tips.  Master warm-ups, key exercises, and cool-down techniques with our 30-Day Polyfit Sandbag Training program.  Level up your sandbag game today!

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