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Polyfit Classic Sandbag

Polyfit's ultra-durable fitness sandbag challenges you with shifting sand, demanding extra effort in stability and offering a full-body workout like no other.

Polyfit Sandbag PRO

Elevate your workouts with our Sandbag Pro, tailored for intermediate to advanced fitness enthusiasts. Offering precision sizing (40lb, 60lb, 80lb), this durable 1050 Nylon Cordura sandbag features triple-stitched seams and leak-proof Velcro closures for optimal performance.

Fortify Weight Vest

Elevate your workouts with the Polyfit Weight Vest, designed for maximum mobility and tailored intensity. Crafted from durable 600D nylon, this adjustable vest is perfect for those ready to push their limits. Weight plates sold separately.

Curved Weight Plates (for Weight Vest)

Enhance your training with Polyfit's ergonomically curved weight vest plates, tailored for ultimate comfort and intensity. Made of durable, corrosion-resistant steel, these plates fit seamlessly into our Fortify Weight Vest and other carriers, allowing you to customize your workout effortlessly. Choose from 6lb, 9lb, or 14lb pairs for the perfect challenge.

Electrolyte Salts

Achieve peak performance with our Electrolyte Salt Pills, designed to replenish essential minerals lost during physical activity. Boost endurance, reduce muscle cramps, and recover faster with our natural, sugar-free formula. Perfect for athletes and runners, these salt pills ensure optimal hydration and muscle function for top-tier performance.

Adjustable Heavy Kettlebell (30 or 40 lb)

Experience a versatile full-body workout with Polyfit's Adjustable Kettlebells, combining 5 kettlebells in one compact design. Easily adjust to your desired weight, grip the non-slip handle, and trust in its durable cast iron construction.

Adjustable Kettlebell (12 lb)

Discover the versatility of Polyfit's Adjustable Kettlebell, perfect for all fitness levels. Offering 3 weight options in one compact design (5 lbs, 8 lbs, or 12 lbs), it's the ideal blend of convenience and challenge.

Polyfit Hand Weights - Pair

Elevate your fitness routine with Polyfit's Dumbbell Bars, expertly weighted at 3.3lb each for progressive strength training. Featuring a non-slip design and premium-grade materials, these dumbbells are versatile for various workouts and perfect for enhancing walking exercises.

Polyfit Wrist/Ankle Weights - Pair

Amplify your daily activities and workouts with Polyfit’s Wrist and Ankle Weights. Weighing 1.2 pounds each, they offer added resistance in a sleek, modern design available in various colors. Prioritizing comfort and durability, these adjustable weights fit all sizes and are crafted from high-quality silicone, ensuring a slip-free experience.


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Join the movement towards a stronger, healthier lifestyle with POLYFIT.