Step-by-Step Video Instructions:

Weight Vest Assembly | Step-by-Step Text Instructions:

STEP 1: Unbox Your Product

Remove the following from the box:

1. Weight Vest

2. Waist Strap (the long velcro straps)

3. Side Velcro (short velcro with the buckle)

4. Steel Bars

STEP 2: Secure Waist Strap

Put the Waist Strap on the BACK SIDE of the Weight Vest.

STEP 3: Secure Side Velcro

Thread the Waist Strap through the buckle of the Side Velcro, and secure it.

STEP 4: Put on the Weight Vest & Adjust Buckles

Fit the Side Velcro to the correct size and fasten the buckle for a snug fit.

Additional Tips

Fair daily use, manipulate only the Side Velcro and the buckle. Leave the Waist Strap on between use.

Shoulder Adjustability: If necessary, modify the velcro on the shoulders to allow for more space.

Weight Adjustability: Add or remove weight bars for your desired weight.