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Wrist and Ankle Weights (Teal)

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Maintain your healthy lifestyle with the Polyfit wrist and ankle weights. It’s designed for anyone who wants to boost and optimize their workout movements with wearable weights that’s designed for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Say goodbye to your old and bulky weights with our new and sleek look, making it the top choice for a stylish way to add resistance. One pair adds a total of 1.1 kg yet leaves your hands completely free. It’s the most convenient way to maximize the most out of your workout, yet absolutely comfortable to wear for longer routines. It’s guaranteed to provide better results in a smaller amount of time, which allows you to achieve ultimate performance.

Wearing Polyfit’s wrist and ankle weights during yoga guarantees you an uninterrupted flow. No more picking up dumbbells that although build strength, actually limits you from fully embodying your pose.

Incorporate our wrist and ankle weights in your aerobic exercises to make the most of every movement. It’s scientifically proven that using light weights can increase your heart rate and the calories you burn. This means you’ll gain muscle and lose weight faster!

Color: Teal

  • WEARABLE WEIGHTS | LEVEL UP YOUR WORKOUTS. Upgrade your home workouts with Polyfit’s Wrist and Ankle Weights! Wearing light weights provides you a hands-free versatility that simultaneously makes your every movement matter. It’s modern and stylish design allows you to wear these anywhere and everywhere. You can wear it while doing workouts, daily tasks, or even household chores, allowing you to reach your daily fitness goal with no problem.
  • VERSATILE | GREAT FOR EVERYONE. These wearable weights—weighing at 1.1kg per pair—add a touch of resistance to your exercises, helping you achieve your desired physique faster, or simply maintain your ideal weight. Its easily adjustable strap and removable weights are designed to accommodate anyone and any exercise—may it be on the treadmill, yoga, Pilates, or aerobic exercises like Zumba.
  • STYLISH DESIGN | AVAILABLE IN 6 COLORS. The Polyfit Wrist and Ankle Weights is specially designed for the modern fitness enthusiast. Its sleek design blends form and function, with removable weights that you can customize to your need. It comes in 6 different colors, with neutral options. Available in sand, black, dark blue, teal, pink, and light pink.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT | ODOR-FREE. Our weights provide resistance that’s both constant and comfortable. Your comfort is our top priority, with a strap that you can adjust to ensure a secure fit. Its insides are texturized to help prevent any sort of sliding during your workouts, and its silicone material helps prevent any odors. 
  • MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIAL | GUARANTEED DURABILITY. Our Polyfit Wrist and Ankle Weights promise high performance. These weights are ensured to be durable and are made of high-quality silicone. The adjustable strap is likewise made of high-quality material, along with premium velcro for no accidental slips.


These functional and fashionable Polyfit wrist and ankle weights will be an essential addition to your workout routine. Our very own wearable weights allow you to achieve your fitness goals in the most convenient and stylish way possible.

It's thoughtfully designed to provide you comfort while maximizing the most of your workouts. Wearing a pair adds a total of 1.1 kg, the perfect weight for added resistance to take your movements to the next level. The silicone material around each individual weight makes it comfortable and prevents odor. Unlike the usual and traditional ankle weights, it contains no beads that run the risk of leaking should the fabric be torn.

You can freely adjust it according to your needs, making it possible to be the equipment of choice for anyone! Customize both the weight and the size according to your wrist and ankle. The adjustable strap allows you to add or remove weights, and the velcro secures a snug fit to prevent it from slipping. It also comes in 6 different color variations that you can choose from.

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