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Heavy Jump Rope (Medium)

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Use Polyfit's heavy jump rope to:

  • Burn a lot of calories
  • Build muscle and endurance
  • Improve your strength
  • Become more agile
  • Boost your cardiovascular health

Working out with an ordinary jump rope has its own benefits. With just a simple workout, you get to improve your balance, coordination, endurance, speed, footwork, and lose some weight, among others. But with our Heavy Jump Rope, you’ll be adding resistance to the jump rope’s existing benefits and upping things up a notch.

Raise the intensity of your workouts, and get fantastic results in the least amount of time. As it’s heavier, your body will be working twice as hard and activating more muscles. Although you’ll be making less turns, in the same amount of time you would have burned more calories than with the usual skipping rope.

Size: Medium (9.2 ft.)

  • GET MORE OUT OF EVERY JUMP | TOTAL BODY WORKOUT. Get at least 5 times more than your ordinary jump rope with Polyfit's heavy jump rope! It's thicker and heavier at 1 inch diameter and 2.64 lb or 2.7 lb. This means you need to exert more power to control the rope, and the heavier weight keeps you concentrated on your breathing and maintaining the correct form, instead of simply speeding through.
  • EXERCISE ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE. You won't be missing your gym when you get a hold of our heavy jump rope. Get your cardio and strength training needs in just one piece of equipment — one that you can even bring with you wherever you please! This rope is portable, no-fuss, and comes with a carry bag that you can store in.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY | MADE TO LAST. Polyfit's heavy jump rope is made with durable, tightly woven polyester. It comes with a protective sleeve, for that extra layer of wear-resistance that prevents breakage with use. The double rubber handles are secured to the rope so it won't fall off, and provides a comfortable grip.
  • WORK FOR THE BODY YOU WANT. Need to get back in shape, or to simply keep your figure? This heavy jump rope is all you need. It promotes weight loss, as every turn increases calorie-burning. This melts away any layer of fat to show off the sculpted muscles that strength training brings. You no longer need to buy expensive and bulky equipment to build your core, back muscles, and shoulders. All these you can achieve with Polyfit's weighted jump rope.
  • GOOD FOR CARDIO | IMPROVE YOUR FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH. This jump rope's benefits not only lies in the aesthetics, but with your body's functional strength too. Continued use shows improvement with your coordination, footwork, overall agility, and your stamina and endurance. It's sheer weight helps you develop your grip strength. It also increases flexibility and strengthens one's shoulder or rotator cuff, making it the versatile choice for a variety of athletes.
  • 2 SIZES | WEIGHTED JUMP ROPE FOR MEN AND WOMEN. Polyfit’s heavy jump rope comes in 2 sizes: Medium (9.2 ft.) and Large (9.9 ft.). We recommend Medium size if your height is below 5’8’’ and Large if you are above 5’8”.


Strength training and cardio don’t have to be two separate routines—or worse, two separate equipment that’s too pricey to purchase and too big to be stored anywhere. Get the best of both worlds with only one fitness equipment, and that’s Polyfit’s Heavy Jump Rope.

The rope itself is made of durable material. The premium quality polymer synthetic fiber is tightly braided so it runs no risk of unraveling. A nylon sleeve that serves as an extra protective layer can be found at the lowest point of the rope that would be against rougher surfaces. Attached at both ends of the rope are rubber handles that are crafted for an easy yet secure grip. It also comes inside a carry bag for portability and easier storage.

With a diameter of 1 inch, it’s thicker than your usual jump rope and definitely heavier. It comes with two variations of either 2.64 lb at 9.2 ft or 2.7 lb at 9.9 ft. Both are made in consideration of different heights, and we recommend the 9.2 ft rope if you’re below 5’8”, and the 9.9 ft rope if you’re above 5’8”.

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