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Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise - 2.7 Pounds (Pink/Blue)

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Burning calories has never been more fun. Take a break from your daily routine and try Polyfit’s weighted hula hoop! It’s a fun way to keep fit while indoors, and effectively trims the fat off your waist and hips while strengthening your core muscles. For less than the cost of an ab trainer, it not only gives you those physical benefits it also helps improve your balance and flexibility.

Regular hula hooping also improves your health. The aerobic activity that you get hooping lowers your stress levels, improves your brain function, promotes better blood flow and a stronger immune system, and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving your cholesterol levels.

Color: Pink/Blue

  • FUN & EASY WAY TO GET FIT - Lose a few pounds in the most enjoyable way yet! Hula hooping is a great way to exercise if you’re done with the same old boring repetitions and routines. You can hula hoop indoors and even do dances with it! It’s a light and moderate workout that anyone can do with no need to prep. Available in 2 different colors: gray and teal, or light pink and light blue.
  • AFFORDABLE YET EFFECTIVE IN WAIST SLIMMING - Doing turns in the hoop sounds so simple, but actually does a great job in engaging your body. You get to burn the stubborn fat in your waist area, giving you a toned and defined midsection. It’s the same benefits you’d get from an ab trainer without the hefty price tag. Within a week of continuous use (and paired with the right diet), you could lose up to 2 inches—all just by hooping!
  • WEIGHTED FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS - This isn’t your regular childhood toy that’s made of frail breakable plastic. This hula hoop is 94 cm in diameter, and weighs 1.2 kg. It’s made of only premium quality 1mm thick stainless steel that’s durable and guaranteed to keep its round shape. Its heavier weight ensures that it stays up longer during use. As it’s made of metal, we’ve made sure to pad it with 5mm thick foam for your protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT | CUSTOMIZABLE - Should you need something more challenging than 1.2 kg, our hula hoop comes with a feature just for you. You can increase the weight of your hula hoop by adding rice, beans, sand, or iron beads into the tube. Each 8 sections come with the optional stoppers that you can use to prevent them from slipping out. The stoppers come with strings so you can easily pull them out if you no longer need them, and come packed inside a bag.
  • EXERCISE ANYWHERE | EASY TO SET UP - You won’t be needing any bulky equipment just to get the body you want. Our hula hoop is made of 8 sections in equal sizes to make putting it together fast and easy. Along with the equipment is a foolproof assembly manual that can guide you how to do it. When you’re not using the hula hoop, you can simply disassemble it. It comes with a bag that you can store the disassembled pieces in, making it perfectly portable.


You may remember playing with hula hoops as a kid and think: there’s no way that could help me get fit. But this isn’t one of those plastic toy ones. This is made of steel that’s a lot more durable at 1mm thick and weighing 1.2 kg. For your protection and comfort, the steel is covered with 5mm thick double-colored foam that’s smooth in the inner portion and has a colorful oval pattern in the outer part.

The weight makes sure that it stays in place, making it perfect for extended workouts that’s at least 20 mins a day. If that’s not enough, you can add sand, iron beads, or even rice inside the tubes to make it heavier, and hold them in place with the stoppers it comes with.

The hula hoop is made up of 8 equal-sized sections that you can easily assemble or disassemble if you want to store it away. It’s the ideal portable training equipment that’s good for anyone to use—no prep needed!

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