Heavy Duty Workout Sandbag - Multiple Sizes & Colors

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Training with sandbags helps you achieve raw power in the most convenient way possible. Inside your ultra-durable sandbag is sand that shifts — pushing you to make that extra effort in maintaining stability. Develop balance and extraordinary control along with real functional strength with the many exercises that you can do with your sandbag. 

When it comes to sandbag training, your equipment makes all the difference. Polyfit offers you only the best sandbag available to help you reach your fitness goals.

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AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES | SANDBAG FOR WORKOUT. Polyfit’s fitness sandbag comes in 3 sizes: Small (25lbs capacity), Medium (30 - 75lbs capacity), and Large (50-125lbs capacity). You can adjust the weight by simply adding or removing the filler bags inside the main sandbag. DURABLE | HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION. You can lift, toss, and slam our sand bag without worrying of any rips or shred, thanks to its sturdy construction. Both the outer shell and its filler bags are made of our ultra high quality nylon cordura with PU coating. SECURE DESIGN | LEAK-FREE. Leave the shifting sand for training — and none for cleaning. All our filler bags are leak-proof with double-enclosure velcro and double stitching to make sure no sand will slip out. Carry it high or toss it far, your sand is guaranteed to stay in place! COMFORTABLE GRIP | 8 HANDLES. Our workout sandbag with handles makes a great addition to your home gym. It has 8 webbing handles with foam inside for a comfortable yet easy grip. The handles are located all over the sandbag for multiple grip options for your various sandbag exercises. This less bulkier option to barbells makes strength building and conditioning more accessible, yet offers the same outstanding results and a more complete workout. LAMINATED SANDBAG EXERCISE GUIDE. We've included a laminated sandbag exercise guide that covers beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises to help you get started with your sandbag training. ***Sand not included and must be purchased separately.

Specs & Materials

- Primary Material: 1050D Nylon Cordura - Waterproof PU Coating - 8 Padded Handles for Multiple Grip Options - Adjustable Weight - Strong Zipper to Keep Inner Bags in Place - Machine-Wash Safe - Velcro-Sealed Filler Bags included - Includes Laminated Exercise Guide ***Sand Not Included

Size Recommended Capacity Dimensions
0 - 25 lbs
19 x 8.25 inches
30 - 75 lbs
26 x 10 inches
50 - 125 lbs
28 x 12.6 inches


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Available in 3 Sizes:

  • Includes:

    1 small filler bag - 30 lb capacity

  • Includes:

    1 small filler bag - 30 lb capacity

    1 large filler bag - 50 lb capacity

  • Includes:

    1 small filler bag - 30 lb capacity

    2 large filler bags - 50 lb capacity

At Polyfit we understand that fitness should be your moment to feel strong and accomplished. This is why we provide resources and training equipment for fun, effective, full-body workouts. Accomplish your goals and live stronger.