Metal Squat Wedge for Heel Elevated Squats

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Polyfit’s Squat Wedges can aid you in reaching a whole new level of fitness. This pair of metal squat wedges enhance your workouts by targeting your quads and glutes, and helping you achieve the correct form. Elevating your heels to optimum height, it helps you better angle your toes in your squats, leading to deeper squats.

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SQUAT WEDGE FOR HEEL ELEVATED SQUAT | ACHIEVE DEEPER SQUATS. Boost your squats and improve your range of motion. Polyfit's Squat Wedges help improve your strength for better squats and deadlifts. These help you achieve the exact position needed to perform the perfect squat that targets your hips and quads—all without stressing your lower back. 20° ELEVATION | COMES WITH A FREE RESISTANCE BAND. Our Squat Wedge Blocks offer a height of up to 5.5" at a 20° elevation, perfect for heel-elevated squats and stretching your calves. Each squat block is 13" long and 8" wide. It comes in a pair so you can customize your widths, unlike most slant boards available. Each wedge has a special bottom slot for the resistance bands, which prevents them from slipping forward and helps you incorporate them into your workout. DURABLE | VERSATILE USE. Each pair is made of solid metal and is guaranteed to be sturdy. Its heavy-duty construction ensures it can withstand any weightlifting exercise you use them on, and will not bend after continued usage. It can also help you mix up your training. Aside from weightlifting and improving your squats, you can use the Squat Wedges for a wide range of fitness purposes like calf raises and yoga stretches. SLANT BOARD | PERFECT FOR STRETCHING. The Polyfit slant board stretches your calves well and relieves them from feeling tight, making them key to preventing injury and pain from running and walking. It's great for targeting issues with joints or improving balance. It's also helpful for physical therapy after lower leg injuries and aids in recovery from plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, calf strains, ankle sprains, and hip pains. NON-SLIP SURFACE | SECURE RUBBER BUMPERS. The surface has a textured design to prevent your feet from slipping, alongside rubber bumpers at the bottom to ensure stability when using. Polyfit's Squat Wedges make a great no-fuss addition to your home gym. The metal material is easy to clean with a simple wipe, and the pair's size makes it easy to store.

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